Rapid Result Coaching

With the years of successful experience, Hyacinth can enrich you with valuable insights to help you in:

If you are someone who is looking to grow a profitable business, the best way for you to assess all of this is to have one of my free Rapid Business Result Coaching session….

Exponential Business Growth Secrets

If you want to create exponential growth for your business in the 21st century, the rules you have been taught before now don’t apply anymore. Therefore, we want to help you understand the new game. We will get you to the top of the game and help you stay there.

Million Dollar Business Secrets

Everyday countless numbers of entrepreneurs and business builders in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, genuinely attempting to build great businesses end up with so much stress and frustration, wasting a lot of time and money in the process.

A brief narrative of what the book is written to achieve:

Fancy creating a million-dollar business in less than 3 years?

You can build a business that helps countless people when you master the simple formula for success. Success is simple if you have a formula that’s been time tested and proven to work. Most people have to search for this formula through agonizing trial and error. But you are not going to be one of them.

Business ideas Incubator

There is one thing most rich people have in common. What is it? They all got rich by starting a business. And here’s the thing about starting a wildly successful business: It starts with nothing but an idea. And here’s some really good news…. You don’t have to wait for an idea to drop out of the clouds and hit you over the head. Because coming up with a profitable new business idea is a learnable skill. And once you learn this skill, you can create these ideas on demand.

Business Growth Accelerator

Do you know what are those important factors that you need to accomplish over time to drive significant growth for your business? No? Not a problem! We will help you discover hidden assets in your business that are growth accelerators for your business so that you may exceed your targets is shorter time.



A brief narrative of what the book is written to achieve:

Everyday countless numbers of entrepreneurs and business builders in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, genuinely attempting to build great businesses end up with so much stress and frustration, wasting a lot of time and money in the process.



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To take advantage of Hyacinthaneke’s transformational leadership, join our network where you can get business ideas and revolutionary tips to create something profitable for your business.

What solutions I provide

Rapid result coaching

If you are someone who is looking to grow a profitable business, then you have to try my free Rapid Business Result Coaching session.

Wealth Pathfinders Academy

This Academy specifically targets entrepreneurs who desire to grow their businesses and are looking for some assistance to stay on track to prosper.

SME Digital Toolbox

Our SME Digital Toolkit offers businesses an array of cutting-edge services designed to optimize their digital foothold on a global scale.

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