5X Business Growth Challenge


The Revolutionary new business model that allows ordinary people to launch and dramatically grow their business and multiply their income in one year without adding a single investment.

Are you broke, confused, and frustrated because you are struggling with launching and growing your business?

Are you ambitious and hardworking but your ambition doesn’t match your bank account?
Do you want breakthrough but you feel trapped in an environment you can’t escape?
Do you lack clarity on how you can launch and grow your business and reach your desired financial goals?


Trust me it can be such an overwhelming feeling. I have been there!
Because you lack clarity, you do not have confidence to take consistent, massive action for the result you desire. You feel alone in the entrepreneurial journey, drifting aimlessly and your business won’t grow… no matter how much blood, sweat and tears you put in. Trust me, I can understand because so many years back I was in your shoes.
Unfortunately, your current business building and money making blueprint will keep you where you are for the rest of your life unless you identify and change it immediately, and that is exactly what we do in our extraordinary 5 days 5X Business Growth Challenge – How to launch and grow a profitable business.
If you look at me now, you will think that I have always known how to launch and grow profitable businesses, but the truth is, I was not always this way, I have had a tough time and struggled with coming up with profitable business ideas, launching and growing them. I was uncomfortable with my business state, I was embarrassed for not making the progress I desired. Besides, I was lonely in my struggle and frustration because I did not know how to reach out for help.
I spent years on the same spot in my business without any sign of profit, it did not matter how hard I tried, things were getting worse and my emotions were taken the better side of me. I tried and tried, but the aimless drifting would not end and my business won’t grow and produce profit no matter how much I tried.
The number one reason for failure and why I failed in the past was that I tried to do it all by myself. The cost of doing it all by myself was that it took me more time, more stress and frustration and it ultimately led to worse results
It really made me sad and made be become obsessed with finding what works NOW and not what worked in the past so that I can help myself and help others in the same situation. The result – I come up with simplified actionable truths, tools and techniques that will help you take immediate actions for guaranteed results.

So I want to help you experience a shorter, less painful and significantly less costly learning curve.


What will you get from the 5X Business Growth Challenge?

Day 1.


How to overcome obstacles and roadblocks, and consistently achieve results so you can feel confident and excited to keep taking on challenges and accomplishing bigger goals

Sometimes, the things you do not want to hear are the things you need to hear the most. Although good friends are big part of life, I did not create this program to be your friend. I created it to help you improve the most important areas of your life and business. I created it to help you thrive as an entrepreneur and a business leader even if you’re just starting out.

The worst thing in life is regret and if I can help you elevate your results, live a more fulfilled life and lower your regrets, I would have done my job.

I want to make you a bold promise. I can assure you with great confidence that this will create real change for you and more importantly move your life, business and result significantly forward.

The focus here is on shifting habits, gaining better perspective and interrupting limiting thought patterns using proven framework and actionable techniques that consistently produces results instead of just supplying inspirations.

The 5X RESULT MACHINE is a framework that breaks down the result producing process, so you can own it and be able to produce result on demand on a consistent basis.

Day 2.


The Proven Business Growth Model for profitable and sustainable business growth so you can feel fulfilled creating wealth doing what you love.

I must acknowledge that you may have invested loads of time, effort, and a great deal of sleepless night in birthing your business.

You have probably hit your targets a couple of times and acquired some high-end clients, but despite this, there is that itching within you to become more – to grow your business into an empire and a global brand that can be recognized at the speed of thought. Imagine what that does to your influence and impact in the society.

But let me get real with you and ask you a few questions:

  • How far would you go to build wealth in your business?
  • Do you know how to cut through the noise of today’s information overload?
  • Do you want to earn more and work less?
  • Are you searching for simple and proven business model to implement immediately so you can overcome stress and overwhelm and feel confident growing your business?

Trust me – I get it. I’ve been in your shoes. I also know what it takes to step out of them.

I’ve facilitated lots of seminars, workshops and webinars where I host entrepreneurs, business owners and founders like you; and each time I’ve seen there is that hunger for more as I am constantly bombarded with questions and it all borders around finding the required tools, knowledge, strategies and proven models to grow their businesses more than what they currently have.

You may have attended several seminars and workshops, or perhaps, hired mentors, but haven’t achieved the business growth you desire. I understand this plight myself. Going round in cycles is not a fun experience. Kids may have fun with this at the amusement park, but not a business owner like you who is thinking of growing a business that will impact the world

I have been there before, where it appeared I was clueless and could not just figure out what buttons to press or what doors to knock on to birth the kind of results that I truly desired and believed I deserved in my business.

In day two of our challenge, I will give you a simple but yet proven business growth model that will guarantee you the growth you always desired. Why is this Important? This is your life and there is nothing more important than adding more fulfillment to your life, so you can move from being confused and frustrated to being rich, powerful and fulfilled, where you make all the contributions you would like to make in life, and you ultimately work because you want to and not because you have to.

Day 3.


How to find and keep the right customers on an ongoing and sustainable basis so you can multiply your business income and be able to live the life of your dream and on your term.

Your business cannot be everything to everybody. You must focus on a particular segment of the market so that you can focus your marketing activities on that defined and specific market segment. This is the segment of the market that has the highest probability of buying your products or services.

  • Who is your target audience or your customer or better still your market?
  • Who is most likely to buy your products and services?
  • Who is your primary market?
  • Who are your best prospects?
  • How do you find them?
  • When you find them how do you keep them?

Why is it important to define them? If you can’t define them, you can’t find them.

One reason for struggle, frustration and eventual failure in the marketplace for majority of business owners is the attempt to be all things to all people and the result is that they end up being nothing to nobody.

I have discovered that one of the greatest errors most people are making on a daily basis in business in defining their marketing strategy is to assume that everyone needs the product or service they sell.  That will be a wrong definition of your target market:

In marketing, everyone equals no one. It is way too expensive and impossible to reach everyone. You must therefore be looking for a target market – a very specific group of people so you don’t waste your time, effort or money. You don’t have to go through the stress really.

On the third day of this challenge, we will be looking at how you can effortlessly find and keep the right customers on an ongoing and sustainable basis so you can multiply your business income and be able to live the life of your dream.

Imagine a life where money is not an issue, a business where cash flow is not an issue. How do you achieve this? Do make sure you take action now and join us in this five days 5X Business Growth Challenge.

Day 4.


The secrets of crafting irresistible offers that converts and guarantees sales so you can maximize your income; make more money in one year than most people make in their lifetime and develop the unshakable confidence to dominate your industry in any economy.

One of the question people ask me often is: What is the rule of money making in business?  To make money in business all you need is a product or service, a group of people willing to pay for it, and a way to get paid.

You have to trade something for money and to trade your product or service for money, you need an offer.

This is the rule of money making: The amount of offers you make is directly proportional to the amount of money you make.

So I ask you – how many people do you ask to buy in a day? How many people have you asked to buy today?

Hey listen to this; there is no such thing as million dollar idea, but million dollar execution.

However, if you have a lousy offer, your execution, marketing and sales effort can only bring you stress and frustration.

Wait a minute, have you tried working hard on selling your product and services and with all the effort, it seems like you are pouring water on a rock or trying to retain water in a basket? It can be painfully overwhelming. The problem if you have a good product is most likely your offer.

Yes, the biggest struggle for most entrepreneurs and business owners is inconsistent income and lack of real guidance and clarity on how to solve this nagging problem.

However, you can gain absolute clarity on how to maximize your income and develop the unshakable confidence to dominate your industry in any economy. Your first great step is a great offer.


What is an offer I hear you ask? It’s a combination of your product or service plus the messaging that makes a case to potential buyers.

There is a science of crafting irresistible offers that converts and guarantees sales known only to few market leaders. That is where you should belong.

In day 4 of our challenge, I will be showing you the simple science of crafting irresistible offers that converts and guarantees sales so you can maximize your income, make more money in one year than most people make in their lifetime and develop the unshakable confidence to dominate your industry in any economy.

Listen to this, When an economy is not doing well, the money does not disappear, it’s only being transferred to the successful people that have mastered the skills and tactics you are going to be learning in our 5X Business Growth Challenge.

Day 5.


The Secrets of building and sustaining momentum to develop the staying power for all seasons’ execution so you can maximize your potential, profit maximally from your effort and ultimately feel that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that everyone desire.

Most businesses don’t succeed even with the best of ideas. In the first year 50% of all businesses are gone. In 5 years, 80% no longer exist. Over 10 years, 96% of businesses fail.  That is, only 4% make it, but that does not mean that the 4% are profitable.

Therefore, if you say you are going to get into business and succeed, it is going to require a different level of commitment that will get you to take action when you are feeling fearful and overwhelmed.

The skill can be there but you will need courage and commitment to take action.

How many people do you know that are aware of what to do but they are not doing what they know? You will agree with me that if you do half of what you know your life and results will not remain the same.

This is where the tool of momentum becomes critical to success. This tool is damn simple, but it is the difference between success and failure. It sustains success.

The staying power in the face of fear, challenges, and obstacles is the ability to understand momentum.

Momentum remains the great exaggerator and the business results magnifier, creating results beyond individual and team capacity.

Momentum makes geniuses out of leaders in any team or organization that have it.

So what creates the concept of momentum? How do you create and build momentum? How do you continue to leverage it to execute when you don’t feel like for results beyond your capability?

Skills are invaluable but knowledge is not power. It execution that is the ultimate power, but you need the tool of momentum for all seasons execution to maximize your potential, profit maximally from your effort and feel that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that everyone desires.

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With these tools, techniques and mindset shift:
• You will avoid struggling through the lifetime of your business and be excited about doing business.
• People will prefer to do business with you instead of your competitors.
• Your clients will be turned to friends for life literally.
• It will strengthen your passion and connection to everyone with whom you do business.
• People will not only trust you with their money, they will trust you with those of their friends, relations and colleagues through referrals.
• When you master this skill, success in business will naturally flow and you will never see business as work, but as a calling and fulfilment of purpose.




If you could get all your business problem solved, with the assurance and confidence that you can create wealth in any business you choose to undertake, what will that do for you?
Now is that time you have to decide. Here is what you and I know, one year from today you will certainly arrive somewhere. The question is where? That is your decision to make right now.
Here is the tough truth you probably know: If you want a different result you need to do something different. Make a definite decision RIGHT NOW to get different results.
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