Wealth Pathfinders Academy

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Wealth Pathfinders are ‘Value Thinker’ entrepreneurs and business builders who find new and innovative paths of creating wealth doing what love; creating wealth by creating and adding value to others – solving problems and meeting the needs of others based on character, ethics and value.

The Wealth Pathfinder Academy was setup to create ecosystem of smart entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals to come to deepen their knowledge, expand their network, maximize their influence and also get proven strategies focused on building very successful businesses.

This Academy specifically targets Wealth Pathfinders who desire to grow their businesses and are looking for some assistance to stay on track to prosper.

The Academy offers a variety of programs which include

This Academy specifically targets entrepreneurs who desire to grow their businesses and are looking for some assistance to stay on track to prosper. You can take advantage of;

Business Ideas Incubator

• Do you want to find a new Idea for a Startup?
• Do you have a new idea for a Startup?
• Do you want to validate whether it will work or not?
• Are you a Startup owner facing challenges in your quest to build a successful business and need help?

You can get help in the Business Ideas Incubator Program.
The program is designed to help start-ups grow and succeed by providing them with low-cost workspaces, mentorship, expertise, access to investors, and in some cases, working capital in the form of loans or investments.
This program will also provide you with networking and peer learning opportunities. You’ll be able to work around other entrepreneurial businesses, often with similar focal points as yours.

Business Growth Accelerator

Many businesses start up with what I called a linear growth mindset. This mindset basically assumes that business growth can only come one small step at a time. As a result, they struggle and strive day to day to make incremental gains in client acquisition, sales and revenue generation. This approach keeps the business owner working harder and harder in their business instead of creating a business that works harder and harder to serve them.
The problem with this conventional path is that sooner or later, they hit a growth ceiling, because it is impossible to scale such a setup.
The Business Growth Accelerator Program is designed to bring these frustrating operational challenges to an end by hand-holding and showing you exactly how to engage the right strategies and people, and develop plans and processes that will transform your business into an automatic money making enterprise.
Building a profitable business doesn’t have to be slow and painful.

E2E Transition Program

Are you contemplating Career transition? This will interest you…
Millions of people today spend over 70% of their waking time on a job and career they’re not happy in…
Despite your drive to succeed, there’s something holding you back. Maybe you feel like you’re drifting without any real direction, maybe you’ve been putting in long, hard hours every week, but for every step forward you feel like you take two steps back.
Maybe you’ve even reached some level of success in your life – but now you feel like you’ve plateau-ed and there’s nowhere further to advance. Maybe you know the next step to take but you are paralysed by the fear of the unknown.


I can tell you this for free. Finding the path to your fulfilment is not the hardest but the courage to take the step to start from where you are for a new beginning because of FEAR – The fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, the fear of lowering your standard of living.
If you feel this way, you’re not alone – the sad truth is, most people do.
I found myself in this category; I got to the point in my career where everybody else thought I was doing well. But I knew something was amiss.
The feeling of frustration with my career, my work and my life despite the money I was making. I felt unfocused, unfulfilled and underutilized. I felt no fulfilment whatsoever, little or no meaning and little passion for the job.
I got bored quickly and easily with my job and I needed always to motivate myself. I was concern and greatly bothered. I am sure you can relate with the terrible feelings as you read my story.
My work no longer inspired me; I felt I was just going through the motions each day, simply counting the minutes until it was time to clock out.
This continued for years until by a divine stroke of happenstance, I cracked the code. Now I do what I love making a fortune helping a lot of people, and have help hundreds of executives make the transition to a life of impact, affluence and freedom doing what they love.